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Badass artist doing badass tattoos!

1907 Varner Street, Suite C2
Summerville, SC 29486
Telephone:  (843)900-3080

Meet The Crew



An old skool veteran with over 20 years in the tattooing profession. When you think of raw in your face Street shop tattooing Atlas comes right to mind. No filter no brakes he brings it top speed needle in the red tires smoking. Specializing in black and grey, traditional Americano, color bomb, and a list of other unique styles. Atlas takes pride in making sure that every customer that walks into his shop is treated like family and is always welcome at Luck of the Draw.


I’ve been a tattooist for two years my style is Black and Gray and I like to do Watercolor. I am considered one of the best at Pointillism in the area. The art of tattooing is my passion I'm just trying to take over the world one tattoo at a Time.